June Running Playlist

Happy early Fourth of July! Although it’s supposed to be rainy, there’s nothing better than spending the 4th of July with friends and family. I’m looking forward to grilling out with my family and a party with friends later in the evening.

I’ve been trying to cut back on running long distances, as my right knee has been giving me issues in terms of pain while running. I’m hoping to avoid a trip to the doctor, so I’m upping my strength training.

As promised, here’s my top five June running jams

1. Till I Collapse- Eminem

An oldie but a goodie, this song is great for the tail end of a run. 

2. Bang Bang- will.i.am 

From the fabulous Great Gatsby soundtrack (which I honestly think was better than the movie itself), this song has a fun beat and a good pace for running

3. Runaway Baby- Bruno Mars

Every song by Bruno Mars is catchy and run-able.

4. I Don’t Feel Like Dancing- Scissor Sisters

The only issue with adding this song to your playlist is that you may end up dancing instead of running

5. Kickstart My Heart- Motley Crue

Every good running playlist needs an 80’s jam

What songs do you like to run to?



May Running Playlist- Top Ten Favorites from the Run River City 25K


This Nike Plus ad says it all – with the right music playlist you can exceed your running goals, and take your finishing times to a new level.

Last week before my 25K I found myself obsessively fretting over the optimal playlist. This is a typical experience before a long race (google half marathon or marathon playlists) as the optimal song choice can help you get through a bad hill or fight through a side stitch. I also often debate over shuffling a playlist versus making a set playlist to coincide with certain points in a race that I will need motivation (aka the last two miles). The jury’s still our on shuffle vs. set playlist as I’m still experimenting from race to race. Here’s my top 10 running playlist songs from the 25K (in no order whatsoever)

1. Bruce Springsteen- Dancing in the Dark

There’s a reason you hear songs by The Boss at almost every major race. Dancing in the Dark  in particular makes me want to dance/run (ala Courtney Cox in the infamous video for this song). There’s also nothing more American than a track by Mr. Springsteen, so put this on your next playlist and jam out.

2. Kelly Clarkson- I Do Not Hook Up 

Kelly Clarkson is on almost every playlist I own. Her songs have the right blend of kick butt, girl powerness that help me power through a tough run. This is one of her more underrated songs that’s fast and is just all around fun.

3.  Kenny Loggins- I’m Alright

Besides reminding me of the hilarity that is Caddyshack, this track is great for 3/4ths of the way through a grueling race when I’m starting to feel a bit tired.

4. Chiddy Bang- Opposite of Adults (Does contain curse words)

A fun song (set to Kids by MGMT) this is one of my favorite hip-hop jamz to listen to mid-way through a race.

5. Selena Gomez- Hit the Lights

There’s got to be a few cheesy teeny bopper hits on any of my running playlists, simply because they’re catchy, distracting, and easy to listen to.  This song is no exception

6. Rihanna- S&M

Dance-y and with a beat that’s perfect for one of your faster miles during a race.

7. Paulo Nutini- New Shoes

I have been borderline obsessed with this song since I first heard it in the movie Something Borrowed. This is a good slightly slower song on my playlist that balances out some of my faster tracks

8. Gnarls Barkley- Run

It’s cheesy as can be but there’s gotta be at least one song with run, running, or runner in the title in my playlist. This is a way underrated track that is fast and ferociously listenable.

9. Michael Jackson – P.Y.T. 

Michael Jackson is another constant on most of my running playlists. This song in particular is one of my favorites for how catchy it is, and it’s a good one for keeping me on 9:00/9:15 mile pace.

10. Black Kids- I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend ( The Twelves Remix)

Mentally prepare yourself, as this song will definitely be stuck in your head for the next few weeks (and that’s a good thing!) This by far was my favorite track during my 25K last weekend, for its beat and catchiness

What are your favorite songs to listen to while running?