Back from blog hiatus

Good morning! I am finally back to blogging. I’ve taken a break from writing on the blog for the following reasons:

1. I moved! I’m in upper northwest Atlanta living in a fabulous 2 br/2.5 bath condo with a great roommate. The moving process has been crazy overwhelming but now that things are coming together I couldn’t be happier.

2. I started my new, crazy busy job. I’m doing marketing communications for a technology company and the pace is in-sane. I’m still trying to settle in and find some semblance of work-life-balance but it can be tricky. I do love what I’m doing and the exciting yet challenging assignments that I get to work on are very rewarding.


In other exciting news, I signed up today for the Atlanta Half Marathon, occurring on Nov. 28! I ran a 5K this past weekend ( Atlanta’s Finest 5K, recap coming soon), and have been regularly running (especially around my new neighborhood, so much to explore!) but need a new challenge to train for. I’ll be beginning training on September 8th. 

I’m also running the Kaiser Permanente Corporate 5K (free through work) Sept. 12 and am excited for that as well.

What races are you training for?